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  Carnival Glory                             

 Review Date:  July 2003 (maiden voyage 7-14-03)

  Gross Tonnage:  110,000

  Length:  952 feet

  Beam (width):  116 feet

  Cruising Speed:  21 knots

  Guest Capacity:  2974 double occupancy

  Total Crew:  1150 

  Ships Registry:  Panama

The Carnival Glory is the second ship in a series of Carnival's "Conquest"-class size vessels, making them some of the largest ships in Carnival's fleet at 110,000 gross tons each.  Itineraries

At the embarkation pier, the lines were fairly long for check-in, but passengers were kept entertained by talented performers, some on stilts, another juggled, all did tricks, and basically kept the crowd occupied. These same performers also sail on the cruise, providing entertainment in the evening on the main promenade. One of the performers dresses up as a robot, a huge hit with the kids and a great photo op for the parents.

The decor theme of the Carnival Glory is colors, which is reflected in the names of the major public rooms.  At Port Canaveral, passengers enter the ship on the ground floor of a spectacular eight-deck high atrium called the Old Glory Atrium (pictures 1-5). A beautiful, in-laid wood floor separates a sweeping bar from a raised bandstand with a baby grand piano, behind which rise four glass-enclosed elevators. The upper levels of the atrium are edged in color-changing neon (3), and at night, light projectors cast a variety of moving patterns on the top three levels of the atriums wall opposite the glass elevators.

Click on the picture to enlarge the image.

(1) Old Glory Atrium (2) Old Glory Atrium  (3) Old Glory Atrium (4) Old Glory Atrium (5) Old Glory Atrium & Bar

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 SHIP TOUR  - From Top to Bottom, Deck by Deck

Deck Plan     Scroll to the bottom for cabin descriptions

Sky Deck 14 - Here is where you find the entrance to the three-deck high waterslide that twists and turns down to the Cobalt Lido Pool on Deck 10 (there is no Deck 13 for the superstitious). There is also ample deck space for sun-bathing. 

(6)  Water Slide  (7)  Children's World (8)  Children's World (9)  Children's World (10)
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Sun Deck 12 - Children's World (7-9) is a huge, secured area dedicated to keeping kids involved, with arts & crafts, movies & cartoons on big-screen monitors, computer stations, play areas indoors and outdoor, and a wading pool, all of which are properly supervised by children's counselors. Camp Carnival divides the kids into age groups (2-5 years, 6-8, 9-12, 13-15). Each age group has their own separate activities and daily activity sheets. In picture # 10, three counselors are escorting a group of kids to lunch. Carnival also offers children's activities at night, including some dinners, to allow parents an opportunity to enjoy romantic evenings without the kids! Additional cost baby-sitting is also available. Other areas of Deck 12 offers ample space for sun-bathing.

Spa Deck 11 - This is the Sports Deck. You'll find the Polynesian-themed Spa and Gymnasium (11) on the forward part of this deck, offering saunas, steam rooms (12), massage rooms (including a couples-only massage room), beauty salon, an indoor spa pool under a sky-light, a cascading waterfall, a large gym with floor-to-ceiling oceanview windows overlooking the forward part of the ship equipped with modern exercise equipment, and instructor-led exercise classrooms.

A variety of spa treatments include: aromatherapy, body masks, aroma stone therapy, facials, full/partial body massages, and much more.

There are also 18 category 6E oceanview cabins, and ample deck space for sun-bathing. On the back-part of the deck, you'll find the basketball court (13), volleyball court (14), jogging track, and where golf driving lessons are taught.

(11)  Gym  (12)  Steam Room (13)  Basketball Court (14)  Volleyball Court (15)  Pool and Hot Tubs (16)  
Pict0177.jpg (176254 bytes) Pict0179.jpg (117383 bytes) Pict0146.jpg (129648 bytes) Pict0145.jpg (139036 bytes) Pict0144.jpg (218706 bytes) Pict0142.jpg (184330 bytes)

Panorama Deck 10 - The forward deck area is cabin space, with category 8E balcony cabins, category 6B oceanview cabins, and category 4G interior cabins. The rest of the deck is outdoor space, with the middle part terraced down to the deck below, offering great views of everything happening on the Lido Deck. 

The middle part of the deck is where you will find the Emerald Room (17 & 18), an alternative additional-cost, totally-upscale elegant dining experience (scroll down to "Dining" for more information).

Near the back part of the deck is the balcony of the casual Red Sail Restaurant, where hungry passengers can find Fish & Chips, which features a seafood menu, from fish & chips to Cajun Octopus.

Lido Deck 9 - The forward area has two category 11 suites, category 8E balcony cabins, category 6B oceanview cabins, and category 4F interior cabins. The middle part of the deck has the main swimming pool with two hot tubs (15), and the Sun Stage, where a calypso band performed throughout the cruise. Terraced seating (16) offers a great view of the Sun Stage (located under the white awning behind the hot tubs). 

(17)  Emerald Room (18)  Emerald Room (19)  Elevator lobby (20)  Red Sail Restaurant (21)  Red Sail Restaurant
Pict0182.jpg (141461 bytes) Pict0183.jpg (141255 bytes) Pict0138.jpg (182998 bytes) Pict0139.jpg (401689 bytes) Pict0147.jpg (184043 bytes)

Between the middle and rear elevator/stairwell lobbies (19), you will find the Red Sail Restaurant (20 & 21), the ship's casual buffet dining, boasting a nice variety of dining options, such as the Grand Buffet and salad bar, Asian fare at Oriental, and fresh sandwiches at the Deli. Multiple buffet lines keep the wait short. In the far back, you'll find the Azure Lido Pool (22), which is protected by a retractable glass dome. In addition to the pool, there are two hot tubs, a 24-hour pizzeria.(23) and burgers & hot dogs are prepared at the pool-side Grille.

Verandah Deck 8 - This deck is all cabins:  category 9A & 8C balcony cabins (9A are larger cabins with extra large balcony), and category 4E interior cabins.

Empress Deck 7 - This deck is all cabins:  category 12 suites, category 11 suites, category 9A & 8B balcony cabins (9A are larger cabins with extra large balcony), category 6B oceanview cabins, and category 4D interior cabins.

Upper Deck 6 - This deck is all cabins:  category 9A & 8A balcony cabins (9A are larger cabins with extra large balcony), category 6B oceanview cabins, and category 4C interior cabins.

Promenade Deck 5 - This is the main major activity deck. At the front is the balcony of the Amber Palace (24 & 25), a three deck high showroom where all the biggest Broadway and Vegas-style shows are held.

(22)  Azure Pool (23) Pizzeria (24)  Amber Palace (25)  Amber Palace (26)  Gift Shops (27)  Logo Gift shop
Pict0148.jpg (174455 bytes) Pict0171.jpg (142517 bytes) Pict0180.jpg (140973 bytes) Pict0181.jpg (167431 bytes) Pict0160.jpg (160268 bytes) Pict0164.jpg (151910 bytes)

Strolling past the gift shops (26 & 27) which ring the atrium, you enter the ship's promenade, Kaleidoscope Boulevard (28), the "Main Street" of the ship. The Camel Club Casino (29) with its Egyptian decor, is one of the largest afloat, offering a wonderful variety of table games (craps, roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let It Ride, and several variations of Blackjack), slot machines, and video machines. Kids (and fun-loving adults, too) were always climbing onto the camel's seat (30) for photo opportunities. 

Nestled behind the casino is "On the Green", the ship's sports bar (31), with a wall of monitors behind the bar and monitors in the corners. This was a popular place for the weekend sporting events. 

Past the casino is the "Creams" coffeehouse that also serves delicious desserts (at an additional cost), and a sushi bar.

(28)  Kaleidoscope Blvd   (29) Casino (30)  Camel (31)    Sports Bar (32)   Ultraviolet's (33)  Arcade
Pict0159.jpg (208765 bytes) Pict0188.jpg (172908 bytes) Pict0189.jpg (269382 bytes) Pict0167.jpg (179437 bytes) Pict0168.jpg (172194 bytes) Pict0169.jpg (144548 bytes)

Next door is the teen hideout called Ultraviolet's (32), which features a video and game arcade (33) and a teen-disco at night. Right after the Sushi Bar, the Kaleidoscope Boulevard winds into the entertainment area, starting with the White Heat Dance Club, the ship's disco (34). Walls of video monitors Interior the disco and outside on the boulevard create an ever-changing scene that accentuates the excitement of the evening. Behind the Burgundy Bar (featuring fine champagne & wine), is Cinn-A-Bar (35), a great piano bar where everyone participates in sing-alongs. Across the colorful Spectrum Atrium (36) is Bar Blue (37), where a talented duo entertains with soft pop hits and Karaoke is offered on most nights. Finally, the Ebony Cabaret (38) is the perfect spot for dancing, as a Phillipino group rocks the house with good-time rock and roll. This is also the location for late-night adult comedy shows.

(34)  Disco (35)  Piano Bar (36)  Spectrum Atrium (37)  Bar Blue (38)  Ebony Cabaret (39)  Library
Pict0154.jpg (158353 bytes) Pict0153.jpg (119444 bytes) Pict0170.jpg (171330 bytes) Pict0151.jpg (147079 bytes) Pict0152.jpg (142122 bytes) Pict0165.jpg (149053 bytes)

Atlantic Deck 4 - Here is where you will find the quiet areas. By the atrium is the Black & White Library (39) where you can check out great books and play board games, or read the historical front page newspapers on the walls. Toward the rear of the deck are meeting rooms (40) complete with all the audio/video equipment needed, and the Ivory Club (41 & 42), reminiscent of a British cigar lounge in Bombay, where you can find refuge from the hustle & bustle of noisy passengers and loud music.. Tucked away behind the left side of the Ivory Club bar is Cyberspace, the ship's internet room (43). Online time ran $0.75 per minute, but you could purchase blocks of time for $55.00 for 100 minutes, 250 minutes for $100.00 (rates as of July 2003).

(40)   Meeting Room (41)  Ivory Club   (42)  Ivory Club (43)  Cyberspace (44)  Restaurant (45)  Restaurant
Pict0158.jpg (131651 bytes) Pict0156.jpg (146231 bytes) Pict0157.jpg (170213 bytes) Pict0176.jpg (90138 bytes) Pict0174.jpg (170091 bytes) Pict0175.jpg (175441 bytes)

Lobby Deck 3 - This is the ground floor for the Old Glory Atrium, the Amber Palace main showroom, and the Golden and Platinum Restaurants (44 & 45). In front of the Golden Restaurant are two meeting rooms, which can also be private dining rooms for large groups.

Main Deck 2 - This deck is all cabins:  category 6B oceanview cabins, category 4B interior cabins, as well as two category 5A oceanview cabins with portholes and category 1A bunkbed cabins.

Riviera Deck 1 - This deck is all cabins:  category 6A oceanview cabins, category 4A interior cabins, as well as four category 5A oceanview cabins with portholes and category 1A bunkbed cabins.


 DINING  - The trend by cruiselines when building ships this big is to offer a wide variety of different dining areas and menus. Obviously, this will produce a lot of hits and misses, but with the wide range of dining options and menu choices available, you're bound to find something that appeals to you. 

The main dining room menus always features 3-4 appetizers, at least 2 soups and 2 salads, entrees of pasta, beef, chicken, seafood (they serve lobster tail one evening!), vegetarian, and several dessert selections in addition to cheese or ice cream. There are also healthy "Spa" selections for those guests who must watch what they eat, and of course, Carnival will accommodate any special meal requirements when advised in advance. For those who want to skip dinner in the main dining rooms, guests can dine at the casual buffet at the Red Sail Restaurant. 

For those with discriminating tastes, try the Emerald Club at least once. For $25 per person charged to your cabin account, you will savor fabulous gourmet cuisine, served in perfect white-glove service that is attentive but not obtrusive, while a talented duo provides soft background music. Everything we tried was amazingly delicious and the presentation was superb. This is the perfect place for any special occasion, or if you just want to indulge in exceptional 5-star dining but don't want to shell out the $100-150 per person you would expect to pay at a top-rated restaurant back home. The charge does not include wine or bar beverages, but does include gratuity. Jackets are required for the gentlemen, so expect to dress up a little. While the menu does not change, it's extensive enough that you could dine three times and not order the same thing twice.

Please note that all dining rooms on Carnival are non-smoking.

 ACTIVITIES  - With a ship this size, it will be virtually impossible not to find something to do. Sports enthusiasts can play volleyball, basketball, jog/run/walk on the jogging track, or watch sports in the sports bar. There is a long list of daily events outlined in the "Carnival Capers" (delivered each night to your cabin, detailing the next day's activities), a nice variety of places to dance or listen to music, and plenty of evening entertainment. 

Evening shows ranged from spectacular Broadway-style shows to comedy. Several nights featured adult-rated comedy at midnight, and there was a late-night, Lido Deck party with live music, food, and good times under the stars. Entertainers will vary from week to week.

The casino offers all kinds of table games: Craps, Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker, Blackjack, Let It Ride, as well as slots (from nickel slots to $5 machines with the vast majority quarter and dollar slots), and video games. 

Like almost all new ships, the Carnival Glory offers additional cost activities such as an Internet Cafe, Funvision (first-run movies available in your cabin on a pay-per-view basis, about $9), health spa treatments, and golf lessons.

 COMMENTS  - As you can see in the pictures, the decor on the Carnival Glory was beautiful, and even elegant in some places. We loved the extensive use of the in-laid wood flooring in some of the areas (very classy!). The designs and patterns on the walls, floors, and ceilings complimented each other, rather than clash or overwhelm. Between the Glory and her twin sister, the Carnival Conquest, the Glory is by far the prettiest. 

However, the Glory was plagued by maiden voyage problems the first few days of the cruise. On the first night, electrical problems shut down the elevators and air conditioning, for three hours until midnight that evening. The next day, continued problems with the electrical system caused the elevators to shut down for about 15 minutes, and the announcement chimes went off every few minutes for nearly an hour. After that, the rest of the cruise was problem free except for a very brief moment when the A/C was shut down on day 4 to complete repairs to the electrical system. 

As you can imagine, expecting these huge half-billion dollar floating resorts to sail problem-free on its first few months of voyages is completely unrealistic. I've experienced these maiden voyage glitches on other ships and cruise lines, such as:

        ...the hot water wasn't hooked up in my cabin's shower,

        ...work crews were laying Astroturf on a back deck while the deck furniture was piled up around an aft pool,

        ...the sound system died the first night in the disco,

        ...sound system problems in the main show lounge,

        ...the in-cabin safe would not work.

This is why we always recommend not booking a ship until three months after the maiden voyage, just to give it time to work out all the bugs. It also gives the staff and crew a chance to get used to the new ship and an opportunity to work with each other, so by the time you take your cruise, it should be "smooth sailing"!

Please note that Carnival has begun automatic charging of $68.25 per person to cover the week's gratuities for the waiter, assistant waiter, head waiter, maitre d' and cabin steward to the cabin account. Should you wish to complain about a lack of service and to reduce the amount of the gratuity, or increase the amount, visit the Information (Purser's) Desk on Lobby Deck 3. Knowing that the service staff (who work incredibly long days, 7 days a week, for 4-6 months) depend on gratuities as their primary source of income, plus knowing that some guests deliberately fail to extend gratuities, this solution ensures the staff that they will be taken care of, and eliminates the confusion of guests personally offering the gratuities at the end of the cruise. This is something ALL cruise lines should offer.

Overall, the ship's facilities are wonderful, the "Fun-Ship" atmosphere upbeat and energetic, and the staff was friendly and efficient. The Carnival Glory is one of our favorite Carnival ships, and we eagerly look forward to sailing on her again!

Reviewer:  Gary D. Ashorn, cruise date:  7/14/03

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All cabins have:

Some staterooms have been specially modified for wheelchair accessibility.



Category 4A-4G interior stateroom (also called inside cabin) are 185 sq. ft. in size, featuring two lower beds that convert to a king bed, closet, and private bathroom
(with shower, sink & toilet).

Category 1A cabins (not shown) are 170 sq. ft. and have one upper berth and one lower berth (bunkbeds).


Category 5A, 6A-6E ocean view stateroom (also called outside cabin) are 220 sq. ft. in size, featuring two lower beds that convert to a king bed, closet, bathrobes, and private bathroom (with shower, sink & toilet).
Categories 6A, 6B, 6E have a picture window as shown, category 5A cabins (not shown) only have twin portholes.


Category 8A-8E balcony stateroom are 220 sq. ft. in size, featuring a private balcony,  two lower beds that convert to a king bed, closet, bathrobes, and private bathroom (with shower, sink & toilet).

Category 9A staterooms (not shown) are 230-300 sq. ft., size varies by cabin number, with extra large balconies.


On several evenings, towel animals (like this cute monkey hanging from the ceiling) greet guests when they returned to their cabin after dinner.


Category 11 balcony suites are 340 sq. ft. in size, featuring a large private balcony, two lower beds that convert to a king bed, large closet, bathrobes, and private bathroom (with whirlpool bathtub, sink & toilet).


Category 12 penthouse suite are 430 sq. ft. in size, featuring a large private balcony, two lower beds that convert to a king bed, walk-in closet, and private bathroom (with whirlpool bathtub, sink & toilet).



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